Wifi Full Form-what is the full form of Wi-fi-what is Wireless network

Wifi Full Form-what is the full form Wi-fi-what is Wireless network  

The Wifi also called as Wireless network plays a crucial role in our daily life but someone don’t know what is the full form of Wi-fi wifi. Here we brought the answer for the full form of wifi and what is wifi wireless network.


Wifi the name we hear daily from our surroundings the wifi full is Wireless fidelity”   the wireless network is present in mobile devices like Mobiles, laptops and Tabs etc…

Now a day’s Wifi present in everywhere in the world the Home without wifi we can’t imagine but someone are unable to the full form of Wi-fi. Wifi full form is Wireless fidelity.  The full form of wifi is asked in many IT related Interviews and Exam Viva Questions.

Benefits of remembering the wifi Full form and wi-fi meaning –

  • The Remembering the wifi full form and meaning is Improves our GK.
  • It also helps In IT related exams.
  • The Viva and Interview one of the main question.

These are the benefits for remembering the Wifi full form and meaning definition.

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WIFI Full Form

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